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The quality and commercial potential of these successful projects demonstrate how UK businesses are developing pioneering connected and autonomous vehicle technologies.
Toyota Research Institute has wheeled out its latest autonomous vehicle in Vegas too.
We aim to provide automakers with a clear and fast path to fully autonomous vehicle production, with safety and security as top priorities.
By adopting the Mobius platform, Liebherr is poised to differentiate its autonomous vehicles by addressing the market need for interoperability and openness," explained ASI's Drew Larsen, director of business development over Mining.
Modern: Is there any legislation in process or on the horizon to advance autonomous vehicle technology?
Instead, the company's value proposition to automakers and suppliers is as a backup set of automated eyes for a fully autonomous vehicle.
Strict liability is the dominant legal theory in products liability litigation, and is thus poised to be the theory most consistently applied to autonomous vehicle accident litigation.
The locally-invented Autonomous vehicle also have the capability of predicting intentions, i.
HORIBA MIRA and Coventry University have secured PS13million of government funding to establish a new connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) testing operation in Nuneaton.
Autonomous vehicle manufacturers and/or service providers will need to take responsibility for the infrastructure put in place to control vehicle movements and traffic flow.
And with this opportunity requiring the input of numerous players from the hardware, software, connectivity, and services industries, a rapidly growing number of vendors are looking to target the autonomous vehicle market with their individual USPs.
Intel's latest study, for instance, looks at how best to refine in-car technology in autonomous vehicles to present a more human touch to machines.

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