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EQUINOX. The name given to two periods of the year when the days and nights are equal; that is, when the space of time between the rising and setting of the sun is one half of a natural day. Dig. 43, 13, 1, 8. Vide Day.

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The autumn equinox marks the first day of the season of autumn.
Washington, June 22 ( ANI ): While Northern Hemisphere is celebrating its first day of summer, the Mars rovers Curiosity and Opportunity in Red Planet's southern hemisphere are enjoying the end of the warm weather season, before the autumn equinox takes place on July 31, next year.
At the Spring and Autumn Equinox, the rays of the sun cast a shadow on the pyramid's northern staircase.
The period between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice includes a break between the summer and winter crops as well as the winter sowing season.
There was also another Gorsedd there the same year, on the autumn equinox.
This autumn sees the ever popular Autumn Equinox Sky Camp at Kelling Heath in Norfolk, with the main weekend on September 24-25--this camp gets booked very quickly, but there may be some cancellations available.
This autumn equinox A harvest of deceit Leaves the ground rugged.
The 23rd of October is Cross Quarter Day, the halfway mark between autumn equinox and winter solstice.
uk AUTUMN EQUINOX SKY CAMP Kelling Heath Holiday Park, Weybourne, Norfolk Friday and Saturday, September 18-19.
In the moonrise Of the autumn equinox, From Oki no Miya Already your servant Has come Already your servant Has come
The Mid-Autumn Festival takes place around the autumn equinox, when the moon is at its fullest and brightest.
95) tells of the Autumn Equinox celebration and its importance to Mabon's balance and plenty.