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Aiding; ancillary; subordinate; subsidiary.

Auxiliary or ancillary administration is the management and settlement of property belonging to a decedent that is not located where he or she was domiciled. It is subordinate to the principal or domiciliary administration of the decedent's property that occurs in the state where the individual was domiciled. Auxiliary administration ensures that any local creditors will be paid before the out-of-state property will be transferred for distribution under domiciliary administration.



See: abettor, accompanying, additional, adjunct, affiliate, appurtenance, appurtenant, associate, backer, clerical, coactor, coadjutant, cohort, collateral, colleague, confederate, consociate, contributor, contributory, copartner, expedient, expendable, inferior, instrumental, ministerial, nonessential, participant, pendent, reinforcement, secondary, slight, stopgap, subordinate, subservient, subsidiary, substitute, supplementary, unnecessary
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The auxiliary galvanometer has a vertical scale readily seen by the operator without any change of position.
This report analyzes the status quo of the domestic and overseas rubber auxiliary market, and highlights four international heavyweights including Flexsys, Lanxess, Chemtura and Agrofert as well as eleven domestic key manufacturers such as Shandong Yanggu Huatai Chemical Co.
Pat has been a dedicated employee for more than 30 years, and she has an unwavering commitment to leading the Auxiliary to new heights and furthering our mission.
With the selected contractor will be entered into a framework agreement for technical service forms C Check, removal of faults and defects, modifications and unscheduled work on aircraft Airbus A-319-112 3188 MSN, engines CFM 56-5B6 / P, Honeywell Auxiliary Power Unit 131 -9A (APU 131-9A) of Aviootryad 28 and / or delivery / return and certification of components, assemblies and supplies for aircraft Airbus A-319-112, engines CFM 56-5B6 / P, Auxiliary Power Unit APU 131-9A ( APU 131-9A) framework agreement in the following two lots 1.
You can order this report today Gain an understanding of how to tap into the potential of this market by ordering The MARPOL Marine Auxiliary Systems Market 2013-2023 Visiongain is a trading partner with the US Federal Government CCR Ref number: KD4R6 Table of Contents 1.
Now that you have the parts, put the external fuel source a safe distance away from the generator, but no more than 25 feet--the length of the auxiliary hose.
The money was raised through a variety of events and initiatives, including the Hospital Auxiliary Gift Shop, the auxiliary's ``New to You'' thrift shop, raffles, bake sales and a Christmas in July sale, said Mary Theobald, the hospital's director of volunteer services.
The geometry of the barrier section with primary and auxiliary channels was simulated in a flat plane, as if it had been unwound off the screw and flattened out.
Indeed, Chateauvert's analysis of the tensions and strains between the all-male leadership of the BSCP and women's auxiliary is first rate.
Over the course of more than 40 years of involvement in the fraternal and professional ranks of the Auxiliary, Tedrow was revered as an advocate for veterans and, in particular, the surviving spouses, family members and caregivers whose advocacy and support help ensure our nation keeps its promises to the men and women who serve.
Coupled with steady advance of automobile, tire and other downstream sectors, China rubber auxiliary industry is predicted to maintain a growth rate between 8.
The Department of Massachusetts VFW Ladies Auxiliary presented the Townsend Auxiliary with award certificates for its participation in the community service, hospital, legislative, patriot's pen, state president's special project, voice of democracy and youth activities programs.