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They included soon-to-bedethroned world heavyweight champ 'Prince' Charles Martin entering the ring in a comedy crown, Nigel Benn dad-dancing with son Conor after a debut pro win and Jose Mourinho looking awe-struck at ringside watching Anthony Joshua.
Thousands of awe-struck people watching the action unfold on giant screens broke out in loud cheers as the new Expo 2020 logo was revealed at Dubai Fountain.
a devout, awe-struck day when divinity touched your tongue like
Be prepared to be awe-struck as you sweep up the long tree-lined drive and stroll through the huge doors into the opulently furnished Jacobean reception hall.
The author, a professor of psychology at the University of Detroit Mercy, writes as one who, relatively late in life, was awe-struck and remains so by the achievement of a Renaissance sculptor who protested that he was not a painter but nevertheless accepted the Sistine commission and outshone the outstanding painters of his day.
ALEX SONG will come up against his idol Steven Gerrard today - having first met the Liverpool skipper as an awe-struck child.
It also describes how some awe-struck civil servants erroneously referred to the Top Of The Pops presenter as "doctor", unaware of the trauma he was inflicting on some youngsters behind hospital doors.
A DELIGHTED yet awe-struck, Bishop Ullathorne student spoke in front of 12,000 people at Wembley Arena.
I am still a bit awe-struck at the amount of people who gave up their time to be here," she said.
Christine Rosario finished with 13 points, including nine kills, to spearhead the Lady Chiefs' bristling assault that left their fancied foes awe-struck.
Researcher Piercarlo Valdeso said: "Many historical accounts of religious epiphanies and revelations seem to involve the experience of being awe-struck by the beauty, strength or size of a divine being, and these experiences change the way people understand and think about the world.
The children loved it, they were awe-struck, and you can imagine how delighted they were when the eggs hatched six weeks ago.