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AWM, or AUME. An ancient measure, used in measuring Rhenish wines it contained forty gallons.

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The long-anticipated renovation of Dudley Zoo is one example of a project which has had AWM funding withdrawn.
The West Midlands Regional Observatory (WMRO) is set to close in March next year as the Government pushes ahead with plans to scrap its owner, AWM.
This was a great victory for American Wave Machines as it allows the professionals at the patent office to closely examine the patents with minimal expense to American Wave Machines," said Gil Cabrera, counsel for AWM.
Deutsche AWM achieved a 31 percent return on investment for sustainability upgrade projects in the US and doubled properties certified with a "green label" from 2012 through 2014.
AWM is a diverse community - whether type of media, job or global location - that facilitates industry‐wide collaboration, education, and innovation.
Now to add insult to injury we discover that sacking hundreds of dedicated employees of AWM cost the taxpayer pounds 7 million.
The Manufacturing Technology Centre at Ansty Park near Rugby could have a huge impact on the expansion of modern hi-tech manufacturing in the Midlands, but would never have got off the drawing-board without AWM.
There, AWM and its partner Goodmans negotiated with JLR and Coventry City Council to re-develop the site for mixed use ranging from affordable housing through to light manufacturing.
It has been revealed that AWM has so far paid out pounds 3.
The AWM design process for a new facility involves the user supplying or selecting information about the operation and its location using the icons on the AWM main menu (fig.
The sale of AWM is intended to secure the future of the Newbridge site and management envisage that the company will continue to expand its share of the UK and European contract electronics manufacturing (CEM) markets under a new name.