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Detection of BK virus and JC virus DNA in urine samples from immunocompromised (HIV-infected) and immunocompetent (HIV-non-infected) patients using polymerase chain reaction and microplate hybridization.
Immunosuppression reduction for BK virus nephropathy: A case for caution.
This CSF sample was negative for bacteria by Gram and acid-fast stains, for cryptococcal antigen by latex agglutination, and for cytomegalovirus, BK virus, herpes simplex virus, JC virus, human herpes virus 6, and varicella-zoster virus by polymerase chain reaction (PCR); however, the sample was not tested for WNV.
Bouley will study the BK Virus under the supervision of professor Thilo Stehle at the University of Tubingen in Germany and Ms.
The patient's urine also tested positive for BK virus by immunostain.
BK virus (BKV), together with JC virus and simian virus 40, are members of the genus polyomavirus (Polyomaviridae family).
A group from Ireland reported reactivation on natalizumab treatment of the related BK virus with both viraemia and viruria in 12/56 patients.
Other members of Polyomaviridae include simian virus 40 (SV40*) and the BK virus (BKV).