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The aims of this study were: 1) to investigate the three-dimensional joint kinematics of the back kick, thrashing kick, and turning-back kick together with the roundhouse kick (Figure 1); and 2) to investigate the inter-joint coordination of the kicking leg in producing kicking velocity in terms of a new index of inter-joint coordination (IIC).
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He broke eight bottles, then stood on the glass shards and did a back kick to break a brick.
The jacket is constructed with outside front slash pockets, three inside zip/Velcro pockets, a two-way zipper, storm flaps and a back kick pleat.
Sam Kavanagh (Scorpio) won the Fighter of the Night award for stopping Sunderland's Mark Patget 46 seconds into the second round with a peach of a spinning back kick to the stomach.
McGregor showcased his superiority over Siver - a kicking expert with a black belt in taekwondo - by hitting him with his own speciality, a spinning back kick, inside the first minute of the bout.