Back rent

BACK RENT, Eng. law. The full extended value of land let by lease, payable by tenant for life or Years. Wood's Inst. 192.

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When it was shut down by the state, Playtime allegedly owed more than $335,000 in back rent and property taxes.
Social housing tenants can declare any undisclosed income, financial assets, property and unauthorised occupants without fear of prosecution or being charged back rent.
A North Carolina landowner wants Aiken County agencies to remove more than 6 million pounds of e-waste from a now defunct recycling center and pay nearly two years of back rent, according to a federal lawsuit.
The figure includes [euro]165,000 in back rent, [euro]12,000 to cover the damage and [euro]1,500 in late fees.
They owe us thousands and thousands of pounds in back rent.
eMMerdALe iTV1 7pm There's trouble for Declan, Nicola and Robbie (above, left to right) when she lies that she's put Laurel's back rent of PS2,000 in the safe.
Despite grants and other support this was not enough to sustain the Museum, especially as the rent was going up and the landlord was demanding payment of back rent.
KNH say they will stand the shortfall and tenants will not have to pay any back rent.
We had $248 million of back rent in arrears because at that point, the central government, which is our main tenant, couldn't afford to pay the rent,' Mendez recalled;
New York, Sep 15 (ANI): Sharif el-Gamal, the developer of the Ground Zero mosque, is being evicted from his SoHo office for racking up in back rent.
DeLima claimed that booth rates were unfair, and that her merchandise was unlawfully held as collateral for back rent.
Refugee Melitis Apostolides' lawyer Constantis Candounas will tomorrow present his arguments as to why an earlier Nicosia court ruling, that the Orams hand the property back to Apostolides and pay punitive damages and back rent, be upheld.