BACK-WATER. That water in a stream which, in consequence of some obstruction below, is detained or checked in its course, or reflows.
     2. Every riparian owner is entitled to the benefit of the water in its natural state. Whenever, therefore, the owner of land dams or impedes the water in such a manner as to back it on his neighbor above, he is liable to an action; for no one has a right to alter the level of the water, either where it enters, or where it leaves his property. 9 Co. 59; 1 B. & Ald. 258; 1 Wils. R. 178; 6 East, R. 203; 1 S. & Stu. 190.; 4 Day, R. 244; 7 Cowen, R. 266; 1 Rawle, R. 218; 5 N. R. Rep. 232; 9 Mass. R. 316; 7 Pick. R. 198; 4 Mason, R. 400; 1 Rawle, R. 27; 2 John. Ch. R. 162, 463; 1 Coxe's. R. 460. Vide, Dam; Inundation; Water-course; and 5 Ohio R. 322.

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He would always creep in-shore like some uncomfortable amphibious creature, even when the tide would have sent him fast upon his way; and I always think of him as coming after us in the dark or by the back-water, when our own two boats were breaking the sunset or the moonlight in mid-stream.
I left that boat and went up-stream, and, when I had reached Arrah and the back-waters behind it, there were no more dead English.
Tenders are invited for extension of 33 kv ht power supply to kyathur-ii lift irrigation scheme on back-water of srisailam reservoir in alampur mandal, mahabubnagar district.
Rumney was a rural back-water in 1905 with much of the land given over to growing food for the fast expanding population of Cardiff which was soon to swallow up the area's fields for housing.
The company provides professional installation of important flood control devices such as back-water valves and sump pumps.
Anywhere, but not Ishaqi", say Shaikh Hussein Saydoon, a tribal leader in this Sunni-dominated back-water, warning: "If they return, they will be killed".
Amidst the beautiful surroundings of lakes, long winding back-water canals and the backdrop of the lush forested hills of Kerala lies the Elephant Sanctuary, Animal Hospital and the traditional Mahout Training School, run by Toomai's ancestors.
Shame it was all buried on the back-water of More 4, though.
Director Rob Mainwaring says: 'When we first moved here, it was a bit of a back-water.
It is unlikely that such an investment would have been made if there was the likelihood of the area being over-run by barbarians at any stage and suggests that the North-East was not some dangerous back-water.
As a parent of teenagers looking for exciting career opportunities here in Pembrokeshire, I see Bluestone as a beacon of hope against a tendency for the region to continue its slide towards the status of a picturesque third-world back-water.
Even the Georgia back-water in which she has been raised shows dramatic evidence of real change - voter registration campaigns, interracial marriage, and the beginnings of integration.