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BACKSIDE, estates. In England this term was formerly used in conveyances and even in pleadings, and is still, adhered to with reference to ancient descriptions in deeds, in continuing the transfer of the same. property. It imports a yard at the back part of, or behind a house, and belonging thereto: but although formerly used in pleadings, it is now unusual to adopt it, and the word yard is preferred. 1 Chitty's Pr. 177; 2 Ld. Raym. 1399.

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GAS: (Guard After Snapper) is a fold block between the backside guard and the center blocking the 1st level defender and the backside guard working to the 2nd level defender.
99), his debut collection of black-and-white photographs featuring male backsides, in the United States (the collection has already been released in several European countries).
As the media moves through the POS, the optical tracking laser follows along on the backside of the media, tracking the embedded optical targets.
The main applications are backside film removal and cleaning, stress relief and wafer thinning of silicon, GaAs or other compound material wafers, wafer reclaim, post-etch polymer removal and oxide etching.
M&S needs a kick up the butt to start reinventing the backside for us again.
This includes return and ejector pins from the front and backside of the die and the ejector plate carrier bolts, as well as leader pins, angle pins and bushings.
Technology leaders in the emerging backside metal market are relying on NEXX Systems' physical vapor deposition system, as its unique design allows deposition using a single pick and place operation.
It gives us a kick up the backside and more motivation.
The shot, clicked by fashion photographer Raphael Mazzucco, features intricate body art painted on former Pussycat Dolls singer's backside.
Q MY twoyear-old rabbit is having trouble with her stools sticking together on her backside.
PETE STEINDL admitted his side were given a boot up the backside by rampant Warwickshire Bears.
Kickflip, switch ollie, frontside 180, frontside flip, backside 180, backside flip, heelflip, pop shove-it, 360 flip, switch frontside 180, and switch backside 180 have all been done, so mark those off your list.