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The full version of the backup software guideline for corporate data protection is available by request to pressrelease@novosoft.
RBackup Remote Backup software enables a very quick time-to-market with a custom-branded online backup service, and the new pricing helps to minimize the organization's initial overhead.
The emerging category of continuous data protection (CDP) software may be the first sign that backup software is ready to evolve.
When looking at backup software vendors, don't be distracted by flashy new features.
We strongly suggest users to read our new thorough guide to data backup software so they can step through the considerations they need to keep in mind to prevent the very real problems moral hazards pose," said Thompson.
It is important, however, to select an encryption solution that won't lock you into a specific backup software solution.
MaynStream for OS/2 backup software is compatible with the entire Maynard(R) line of MaynStream high-performance tape drives ranging in capacity from 60MB to 5GB.
Yosemite Technologies is a global provider of backup software solutions that span from single server environments to hundreds of servers.
Most backup software will allow a server attached to the SAN to back itself up directly to the SAN-attached library.
Siafu Sypher [TM] Tape Encryption Appliances Combine Compression with Encryption to Help Eliminate the Hidden Costs of Backup Software Encryption
Since most backup software applications require client servers to be backed up one at a time, scheduling backups during non-peak hours--typically between 8:00 p.