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Carol Vorderman has sent Countdown host Richard Whiteley a get-well message after the TV host fell ill with pneumonia - to let him know his colleagues miss his bad jokes.
But it's the bad jokes that hurt more than the witless drama.
Or maybe they only like bad jokes when they're on us.
Re-creating five drunk entertainers chasing broads and telling bad jokes is not that hard.
I am used to people trying to break my concentration and I have learned to turn away from bad jokes and rumours," he fumed, before conceding that the stories and rumours hurt.
Carol said: "Everyone in his Countdown family wants him back in his chair telling his bad jokes as quickly as he's able.
Berthold, of Stapleford, Cambs, added: "I do put up with some rather bad jokes.
Tree Rollins-biting-type incident to ignite a any more bad jokes.
Whether they wanted to kill us (``Independence Day''), kiss us (``Star Trek: First Contact''), beat our favorite cartoon characters at basketball (``Space Jam'') or torture us with bad jokes (``Mars Attacks
I'm always the last to go in the make-up room so I'm usually the one backstage hanging around with everyone, telling bad jokes.
You might be in danger of starting to dance like a dad and telling bad jokes.
This year's line-up of celebrities is the best ever and there are no more of Brucie's bad jokes.