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Craig Morris Too bad people still treat them like dirt a lot of times and don't appreciate the work they do.
The actress admitted she has spent the last six months since her 24th birthday making sure to weed out any bad people.
Sanctions on Iran, bomb the bad people in Iran and help them.
Amir Dogar while answering a question said; good and bad people are found everywhere including Pakistan Tehreek Insaf, but strict action would be taken against the immoral people.
This case shows that we still need martial law, there are still bad people disrupting the peace, we must find ways to severely punish them," he added.
You have so many great people come out of the woodwork after a disaster, and some of the bad people come out of the woodwork too.
Show them not all adults are bad people and build trust between them and yourselves.
That's my neighbourhood, and I know there's a lot more good people in those neighbourhoods than there are bad people.
These are designed to monitor calls from very bad people to very bad people.
Like any industry, Ms Gray, there are good people and bad people - just like journalists, in fact.
There are good and bad people everywhere, I wish they wouldn't pick on Liverpool all of the time.
They justify racketeering and other crimes with that they rob bad people.