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But the European Commission warned that any Greek administration will have to honour the austerity policy agreed as part of multibillion-pound EU-IMF bail-out packages to keep Greece afloat.
The longer the bail-outs go on, the more debt moves from the books of wobbly European banks onto the balance sheets of public institutions.
Lamy said the bail-outs had "constrained risk-taking" outside the familiar territories of national markets and this was already affecting Foreign Direct Investment, now forecast to fall 50 per cent this year.
The health of our economy and the safety of our climate are inextricably linked, except nature doesn't do bail-outs," said Jonathan Las, president of the World Resources Institute, a member of the U.
However it called on the Commission to closely monitor other bail-outs.
The company has rejected the offer despite its claims that it will run out of money before Christmas, and is currently lobbying in America and Europe for cash bail-outs.
Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, admits, "[A]gainst the background of the official rhetoric of 'no more bail-outs' and not having the taxes of American 'carpenters and plumbers' pay for the bail-out of poorly performing emerging market economies, the reality of the new political and strategic interest of the United States and the other G7 countries has emerged.
But if you include "subsidies, bail-outs, giveaways, inflated government contracts, tax loopholes, and forgiveness of corporate debt, aid to dependent corporations" is easily up to $200 billion, he said.
Like any large, indifferent monopoly, the answer lies not in manufacturing more futile regulations, more bail-outs, or concentrating yet more power in Empire's hands, but in encouraging more competition, more variety, more choice, and lower prices.
Under these circumstances it is hardly surprising that companies have collapsed and others required bail-outs.
Bank bail-outs: There are interna-tionally recognised rules for such bail-outs, they are shared by the countries based on the activity within their borders.
5bn to help rescue Greece, Ireland and Portugal with bail-outs.