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I suspect that Balmes is asking us to fathom the differences between our fast-track world and a slower, more reflective one.
A Bay Area resident, Balmes carpools three days and rides his bike two days a week.
John Balmes, Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco and one of the nation's foremost physicians studying air-borne pollutants.
The Riverhawks (6-1) shot better than 44 percent from the field and got 16 points apiece from Mikko Balmes and Charles Porter.
8] Balmes J, Becklake M, Blanc P, Henneberger P, Kreiss K, Mapp C, et al.
He was on holiday in Hotel Balmes, Calella in Spain, July-August 1968.
To start my father was born on April 12, 1883 at 9 Spring Garden Lane, Newcastle (Walter Nicholas Armstrong)/ His father was Nicholas Armstrong a Carting Contractor and his mother was Elizabeth Balmes.
John Balmes, division chief of environmental medicine at San Francisco General Hospital and a volunteer with the American Lung Association of California.
John Balmes, Director, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, University of California San Francisco and Berkeley
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