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CAPTAIN JOHN NIXON looked useless in three maiden runs earlier in the season, but Pat Eddery managed to get him in a handicap off a low weight at Beverley and, hey presto, bang goes the maiden status - and he didn't go unbacked either.
The study was launched by BBC science show Bang Goes The Theory.
The origin of the Big Bang goes back to the 1940s, when Fred Hoyle first used the term in his BBC radio series.
Dallas Campbell, former host of BBC's Bang Goes the Theory, was at the event, and said: "It's clear kids need a bit of encouragement when it comes to learning about nature and making the most of the great outdoors.
Live shows will be performed by BBC's Bang Goes the Theory team and Sky One's Braniac Live team.
A special panel of judges, including Professor Robert Winston, British-born astronaut Richard Garriott and Dr Yan Wong, presenter of the BBC's Bang Goes the Theory, will be whittling down entrants' videos and crowning the stand-out science superstars as part of National Science & Engineering Week 2012 in March.
The British at Bang Goes Monroe the Winter Work Weather Special (9.
Bang Goes the Winter Weather Special BBC1, 8pm As a nation, we're supposed to be obsessed with the weather, and we've certainly had more to chat about than usual over the past few months thanks to that cold snap in December.
Bang goes a lifetime of hard work and bang goes your family legacy.
A few lesser-known songs from most recent album Bang Goes The Knighthood were played, but tracks At the Indie Disco upheld the singer's long tradition of writing quirky, intelligent pop songs.