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BANKER, com. law. A banker is one engaged in the business of receiving other persons money in deposit, to be returned on demand discounting other persons' notes, and issuing his own for circulation. One who performs the business usually transacted by a bank. Private bankers are generally not permitted.
     2. The business of bankers is generally performed through the medium of incorporated banks.
     3. A banker may be declared a bankrupt by adverse proceedings against him. Act of Congress of 19th Aug. 1841. See 1 Atk. 218; 2 H. Bl. 235; 1 Mont. B. L. 12.
     4. Among the ancient Romans there were bankers called argentarii, whose office was to keep registers of contracts between individuals, either to loan money, or in relation to sales and stipulations. These bankers frequently agreed with the creditor to pay him the debt due to him by the debtor. Calvini Lex. Jurid.

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He is also on the Board of Governors of the Mortgage Bankers Association of New York, a Governor of the Bronx/Manhattan Board of Realtors and member of the Real Estate Board of New York.
One is that central bankers are able to change while sticking together to preserve their independence from governments and finance ministers.
Investment bankers are often compensated under a success-based fee arrangement when a business is sold or acquired.
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Negotiation for adequate credit is further complicated during times of economic contraction when companies must still provide their bankers sufficient fee - based income and deal flow.
However, the investment bankers typically preparing such opinions often have an inherent bias in favor of ratifying the transactions.