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Bankruptcy under Chapter 11 "wipes out prior debt to bankrupcy prepetition debt," McNeil said.
I agree with EU voter that successive Labour and Conservative governments have caused the bankrupcy of Britain, but joining the EC has served no purpose other than making the situation worse.
They said they fear Zahariev might file for bankrupcy of the OTzK, thus in effect impeding an eventual payment of his dues in salaries.
The bookmaker is still taking bets on the market, with Air Berlin the current favourite at 7/1 to become the first airline to follow XL into administration or bankrupcy.
ALTHOUGH bankrupcy is pretty much a last resort, it is an option being looked at by an increasing number of people.
The Bankruptcy Court serves creditors with notice of the bankrupcy filing and a form proof of claim.
As soon as a deal is struck with their bondholders NTL, which is based in New York, is expected to file for Chapter 11 bankrupcy protection.
Any normal, sane, rational woman would by now, we reason, have divorced herself from a man who consorted with prostitututes, plunged the family into bankrupcy, ran a string of mistresses and proved themselves 2a terminal liar.