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The site's bankruptcy news section also allows bankruptcy attorneys and debtors to stay up to date on changes in bankruptcy law.
It will take some time to assess all the effects of this sweeping bankruptcy law reform as the surge of filings prior to Oct.
CPAs who help clients make the details of their financial lives known to the court during a bankruptcy may understandably get headaches.
The act also prohibits an individual debtor from filing a petition under federal bankruptcy law unless the individual has received a briefing from an approved nonprofit budget and credit counseling service.
Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, one of two types of personal bankruptcy, allowed Shaffer to keep her home in south suburban Country Club Hills while paying her creditors a reduced amount over a three-year period, which ends in early 2006.
Reiterated the broad right of "parties in interest" to be heard in bankruptcy court and expressly recognized insurers' appellate standing to raise issues impacting their financial interests--implicitly rejecting efforts to exclude insurers from participation in bankruptcy court proceedings because they are not creditors.
Asset values are falling and bankruptcy filings are rising to record levels.
Bankruptcy court is a convenient term for reference purposes only.
In Illinois over 10 percent of all nursing homes have been in bankruptcy, but in some states it's been closer to 50 percent," says Mike Flanagan, an attorney specializing in nursing homes.
Bankruptcy filings by Los Angeles-area residents hoping to eliminate their mounting debts and start over again have soared in recent months, as much due to the prospect of tougher laws as the weak economy.