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ACT OF BANKRUPTCY. An act which subjects a person to be proceeded against as a bankrupt. The acts of bankruptcy enumerated in the late act of congress, of 19th Aug. 1841, s. 1, are the following: 1. Departure from the state, district, or territory of which a person, subject to the operation of the bankrupt laws, is an inhabitant, with intent to defraud his creditors. See, as to what will be considered a departure, 1 Campb. R. 279; Dea. & Chit. 4511 Rose, R. 387 9 Moore, R. 217 2 V. & B. 177; 5 T. R. 512; 1 C. & P. 77; 2 Bini,. R. 99; 2 Taunt. 176; Holt, R. 175.
     2. Concealment to avoid being arrested. 1 M. & S. 676 ; 2 Rose, R. 137; 15 Ves. 4476 Taunt. R. 540; 14 Ves. 86 Taunt. 176;1 Rose, R. 362; 5 T. R. 512; 1 Esp. 334.
     3. Willingly or fraudulently procuring himself to be arrested, or his goods and chattels, lands, or tenements to be attached, distrained, sequestered, or taken in execution.
     4. Removal of his goods, chattels and effects, or concealment of them to prevent their being levied upon, or taken in execution, or by other process.
     5. Making any fraudulent conveyance, assignment, sale, gift, or other transfer of his lands, tenements, goods, or chattels, credits, or evidences of debt. 15 Wend. R. 588; 5 Cowen, R. 67; 1 Burr. 467, 471, 481; 4 C. & P. 315; 18 Wend. R. 375; 19 Wend. R. 414; 1 Dougl. 295; 7 East, 137 16 Ves. 149; 17 Ves. 193; 1 Smith R. 33; Rose, R. 213.

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This Part considers how the discharge provisions of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth) apply to gambling debts and debtors.
The asset protection exemptions provided by the federal Bankruptcy Act and the supporting Supreme Court decisions certainly give a green light to accumulating large IRA balances with the assurance of protection from bankruptcy creditors.
22) See Bankruptcy Act of 1898 [section]67d ("Liens given or accepted in good faith.
36) However, it was only in 1924 that the Commonwealth Government enacted the Bankruptcy Act 1924 (Cth), albeit that Act did not contain the relevant section.
Secondly, under section 86 of the Bankruptcy Act Investec was entitled to deduct by way of set off, in extinguishment of Mr Rolfe's claim against Investec, Mr Rolfe's liability to Investec as surety for the debt obligation of Glodale.
While thousands of companies have gone through bankruptcy and emerged intact, only a relative handful American cities have made Chapter 9 filings since the Bankruptcy Act was amended in 1934 to include municipalities.
290) Recall that section 77B of the Bankruptcy Act of 1898, enacted in 1934, strengthened the jurisdictional reach of the court in which a reorganization was pending, made it easier to bind dissenters, and eliminated the need to engage in a fictitious judicial sale to conclude the process.
28) When the English Parliament passed the first bankruptcy act in 1542, consumer credit and debt were considered immoral.
The Bankruptcy Act provides that a court should consider a cramdown plan fair and equitable under three circum stances: the debtor allows the secured creditorto retain its lien on the prop erty and makes deferred payments; the debtor sells the properly at auction, per mitting the creditor to credit bid.
Although the 1867 Bankruptcy Act does not explicitly discriminate between state and national banks, subsequent court rulings would determine that it did not apply to national banks.
The Bankruptcy Act of 1898 (30 Statute 544) inaugurated a period of stability for federal bankruptcy law.