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Opposite to him was a Peer who was even then engaged in threading the meshes of the Bankruptcy Court, what did they care for that?
Only it will be that or the bankruptcy court before long
While I was being removed to the bankruptcy court, my uncle in the soap and candle trade was being removed to the other world.
Varig's future is up in the air again as NV Participacoes, the employee-led investor group that was the only bidder at the June 8 auction of the bankrupt carrier, failed to make an initial $75 million down payment Friday, forcing a Rio de Janeiro bankruptcy court to cancel the deal.
Filing returns: Under the new law, the IRS may request the bankruptcy court to order a dismissal or a conversion of a bankruptcy petition if the debtor fails to file a tax return (or fails to file for an extension) that becomes due after the date the petition is filed.
Youbet's proposal is contained in a competing reorganization plan filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court in Reno, Nev.
Trinity Real Estate is appealing a bankruptcy court judge's legal blow to landlords issued last year, when he ruled against Trinity's efforts to retain profits from the reassignment of a bankrupt dot-com's lease.
Helping Clients Acquire Assets Through Bankruptcy Court Auctions
The Bankruptcy Court rejected the Mahons' arguments for excluding the proceeds.
The District Court affirmed the ruling by the Walter Industries Bankruptcy Court in favor of the Company in the asbestos- related declaratory judgment action, thereby advancing the Company's efforts to resolve the potential veil piercing claims.
and Canadian subsidiaries filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on October 30, 2006.
Holmes, MD GA, 3/16/04, the bankruptcy court acted within its jurisdiction in issuing an order directing the IRS to consider a debtor's offer-in-compromise (OIC), notwithstanding its policy against considering OICs from persons involved in pending bankruptcy proceedings.