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This was the prelude to the development of the Bantustans of the Ciskei and the Transkei.
Bantustans were to be given self-government and later independence in order to deny Africans citizenship rights in "white South Africa.
While Bantustans were unilaterally declared and no country ever recognized their independence--except Israel, to a degree, as it allowed Bophutatswana to open a diplomatic office in Tel Aviv--the effective sovereignties of these entities have had some common social and political consequences: instability and coups, military interventions, overpopulation, lack of access to sustainable resources, including water, demilitarization, and, finally, as already noted, the creation of a captive market for the protector country's businesses.
The Bantustan concept in which a Palestinian state would lack "any meaningful sovereignty over borders, natural resources, trade, security, foreign policy, water, C*" is a concept which Arafat specifically rejected at Camp David in 2000 and does not comport with any reasonable concept of statehood, nor would it be the intention or understanding of the members of the UN Security Council voting for the Palestinian initiative, nor does it resemble anything the Palestinian Authority is seeking.
When the Oslo Document was originally presented by the Israeli government to the Palestinian delegation to the Middle East peace negotiations in the fall of 1992, it was rejected by the delegation because it obviously constituted a bantustan.
The vast majority of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are now completely disillusioned with the Oslo peace accords which effectively turned their villages and cities into Bantustan like communities, encircled by the Israeli military and policed by members of the Palestinian police force who take their orders from Yasser Arafat.
His definition of autonomy did not amount to more than creating an Israeli Bantustan in the Occupied Territories.
If implemented, this settlement would have a similar effect to the E1 expansion of Ma'ale Aduminsettlement: it would further isolate Occupied East Jerusalem, turning Palestinian communities intowalled Bantustans by completing the Cosouthern West Bank Bantustan.
However, as the Israeli press has observed--though rarely noted by the American media--Sharon's vision of a Palestinian "state" more closely resembles a Bantustan of apartheid-era South Africa than a modern nation-state.
He writes at the end of the chapter: "It is very likely that before the one-state solution is fully developed, the Bantustan option will be established in the West Bank.
Demanding that Israel de-links from ideological values as abhorrent as apartheid and abandons Bantustan strategies whereby Palestinians are hostage to perpetual oppression could be an elementary, yet essential initial step.
We are writing to you from the Bantustan of the Gaza Strip, from under a 'medieval' siege, our land, air and sea borders controlled and blockaded by the fourth most powerful military in the world -- that of the Israeli State.