Bar fee

BAR FEE, Eng. law. A fee taken time out of mind by the sheriff for every prisoner who is acquitted. Bac. Ab. Extortion.

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He served as chairman of the Utah State Bar Fee Arbitration Committee as well as chairman of the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee for the Utah State Bar.
Bar members can support Children's Legal Services by adding a donation to their Bar fee statement total.
Also, in the April 15 paper, a story on the board approving a no new Bar fees budget incorrectly reported the current annual Bar fee as $275.
Clarifying the Bar fee arbitration rule that allows during the Bar's grievance intake process for complaints against lawyers to be referred, when appropriate, to the Bar's fee arbitration process, and conforms Bar fee arbitration procedures to those of the Bar's grievance mediation program.
Through the 2004-05 Florida Bar Fee Statement Lawyers' Challenge for Children, the Foundation received 3,840 gifts totaling $184,969 from members of the Bar, and Bar sections and committees who care about the legal needs of children.
Starting in 2000-01, gifts from attorneys to the Foundation from the Lawyer's Challenge for Children on the annual Florida Bar Fee Statement and from other sources also support these grants.
The law firm of former Bar President Terry Russell, Ruden McClosky Smith Schuster & Russell, answered the call of President Miles McGrane when it contributed $45 for every one of the 165 Florida Bar members in the firm to the Lawyers' Challenge for Children on the Bar fee statement.
Bar President Jesse Diner said the Bar fee language was inserted during budget wrangling in the session's last days.
Limiting the scope of the Bar fee arbitration program.
The trial court found a budgetary proviso prohibiting the payment of Bar fees from funds appropriated to state agencies to be unconstitutional.
Individual members' pages will also be changed to make them more useful, such as providing critical information like CLE compliance and eventually providing individualized information about educational opportunities and allowing for a new way of paying Bar fees.
The court ruled in earlier cases that mandatory bar fees paid by lawyers and fees paid to unions by non-union workers could not be used for political activities.