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And medical research has suggested bare-knuckle boxing may be less dangerous than its gloved counterpart.
Sean George, 32, has a long history in martial arts, but will be competing in his first bare-knuckle boxing bout in Newcastle, in an event put on by the UK's largest promoter, BBAD Promotions.
EVERYONE was expecting Fight Club to be a grim expose of the shady underworld of bare-knuckle boxing.
Besides Eddie's boys, there are at least four better-organized gangs, not to mention the northern thieves and Harry's henchmen, who include a delightfully intimidating giant of a man (the late Lenny McLean, a bare-knuckle boxing star
It is not until he is accidentally drafted into a bare-knuckle boxing match at an elegant soiree that his moustache truly has a chance to shine.
The victims were watching a bare-knuckle boxing match at Mount Sion in Waterford on Monday when the event descended into brutal chaos.
He flees to New York, where he is forced to enter the world of bare-knuckle boxing 1990 ?
SNATCH (5*, Tuesday, 10pm) A STOLEN diamond sparks a series of interlinked stories that bring together a whole host of undesirables, gangsters, thieves and criminals, delving into the murky world of bare-knuckle boxing along the way.
The first scene Jordan filmed was sparring in a bare-knuckle boxing ring in episode two, when Arthur batters a boy to death.
It was used for political rallies, fun days, bare-knuckle boxing and dog and cock fights.
The former bare-knuckle boxing champion appeared alongside another brother Martin McDonagh, 52, at Flintshire magistrates' court at Mold where they both admitted common assault.
Meanwhile, his brother (Casey Affleck) is bare-knuckle boxing to repay a debt to Willem Dafoe's shady promoter.