Bargaining Agent

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Bargaining Agent

A union that possesses the sole authority to act on behalf of all the employees of a particular type in a company.

A bargaining agent is certified by the national labor relations board (NLRB) as the exclusive representative of a certain type of employee. The International Garment Workers Union, for example, might act as the bargaining agent for all seamstresses employed at a particular dress factory.


Labor Law; Labor Union.

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In one case, NTSP sent an HMO a list of 180 physicians who had executed powers of attorney appointing NTSP as the bargaining agent for any direct contracting with this HMO.
Upon counting the ballots, if the union has support of 50% plus one of the employees in the bargaining unit who actually cast ballots, the Board will issue and order certifying the union as the bargaining agent on behalf of all the employees in the unit.
The National Carriers' Conference Committee of the National Railway Labor Conference, headquartered in Washington, DC, is the national bargaining agent for the 32 railroads, including all of the nation's major freight carriers, involved in the current round of bargaining with 13 major rail unions.
Management may recognize the union as a collective bargaining agent without further ado.
Yet, in early 1937, approximately one hundred employers in the Montreal garment industry recognized affiliates of the Confederation des travailleurs catholiques du Canada as the bargaining agent for their employees.
If the ALRB recognizes the United Farm Workers as the bargaining agent for the workers in Oxnard, then we'd certainly negotiate in good faith,'' Gladstone said.
After employees soundly rejected a previous contract proposal, negotiators for Disney World and the Service Trades Council, the bargaining agent for the six unions at the Lake Buena Vista, FL, theme park, went back to the bargaining table and reached agreement on a 3-year labor contract, covering about 17,800 employees.
USAPA expects to become the new collective bargaining agent for the US Airways pilots during the first quarter of 2008.
President of PIA's Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA) Hidayatullah Khan has called the appointment as illegal as it has been done by the secretary of aviation division.
lt;/p><p>Established in 1963 APA is the certified bargaining agent for 11,500 pilots of American Airlines (NYSE:AMR).
The NCCC, the bargaining agent for the nation's freight railroads, had filed the applications with the National Mediation Board in March after the seven unions belonging to the Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition (RLBC) refused to bargain pending agreement on various procedural issues.
A secret ballot election will decide whether the CNA will act as a collective bargaining agent for Newhall Memorial's nurses.