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BARGEMEN. Persons who own and keep a barge for the purpose of carrying the goods of all. such other persons who may desire to employ them. They are liable as common, carriers. Story, Bailm. 496.

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Interclubs were founded in Hamburg, Rotterdam, New York, Marseille, (14) Bordeaux (1927), Copenhagen, Antwerp, Bremen, Stettin (1928), Duisburg-Ruhrort (for bargemen on the Rhine in 1927), and in Stettin.
We had the first settled Muslim community in the country, we had Iraqi bargemen protecting our Roman fort and we have had Yemenis and other nationals settled and living in South Shields since 1894.
Second, this movement defies a rigid separation between a class of "rural peasants" and "urban workers," as the coordination and leadership of them was the responsibility of itinerant handworkers, loggers, river men, bargemen, teamsters, and wagoners, precisely those categories of workers with a foot both in the "country" and the "city.
But, back then, 'there were wharves along the river and there would have been warehouses and cottages here for bargemen, coal porters, brewers and labourers,' writes Jackson in the walk's accompanying booklet.
She was only found after a River Thames bargemen found a package that contained a dead girl inside and traced it back to Dyer's farm.
IN 1896, two bargemen were sailing slowly up the Thames when they noticed a brown paper parcel floating on the water's surface.
The exhibition will next move to Bargemen Museum in Berlin, Germany, scheduled to be opened in January 2012.
In "Chansons et legendes," Nerval describes washerwomen or bargemen who go about their tasks, not singing snippets of near-forgotten songs but "les romances a la mode, platement spirituelles, ou meme franchement incolores, variees sur trois a quatre themes eternels" (3: 579).
55,000 to about 15,000; aside from many Europeans there were African infantry and "light horse"; and archers and bargemen from West Asia (for example, Palmyra [Syria] and Arbeia [Arabia]).
19) Additionally, Henslowe's records identify two bargemen who moved the timber to a point where it was carted to the building site.