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224-5 of the Code of Social Security, Articles 9 and 31 of the Procurement Code and the decree of June 16, 2008 amended by the Decree of October 21, 2011, UCANSS, Central purchase under the Code of public contracts, concludes this framework agreement on the establishment and administration of institutional and social barometer of local social barometer for the 2016-2019 period.
Barometers were first made by specialist companies who manufactured scientific instruments.
2-FOR-Derek reckons barometers represent good value as decorative antiques and working instruments, but he warns potential purchasers to consider a number of factors before parting with their money - particularly after-sales service, or sometimes lack of it, provided by some dealers.
Barometers and thermometers do of course contain mercury, but it is encased in glass and presents only a fractional risk.
Barometers came about in the mid- 17th century when Evangelista Torricelli discovered that mercury held in a vacuum would rise and fall according to the changes in atmospheric pressure.
Around the same time that Oklahoma State approved its harassment policy, a controversy erupted at Oregon State University after the student paper, The Daily Barometer, ran an article by staff columnist David Williams titled "A message from a white male to the African-American community.
QWE have a 19th Century barometer which, as well as having the large main dial, has got a small dial at the top and a thermometer and another circular dial at the base.
Under base case assumptions, the barometers (readings are as of November 2, 2001) span from 38.
2011, UCANSS, Central purchase within the meaning of the Public Procurement Code, concludes this framework agreement on the establishment and administration of institutional social barometer and local social barometer for the 2016-2019 period.
Until about 1780, almost all barometers were of the stick variety.
The unusual balloonist's mercury barometer pictured was made by the renowned maker Henry Negretti who worked from 19 Leather Lane, Holborn, London in around 1845.
The desire to predict the weather has led to many inventions including barometers, thermometers, barographs and anemometers.