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Hasta ve kontrol grubuna, basa cikma tutumlarini tespit etmek icin Basa Cikma Tutumlarini Degerlendirme Olcegi (BCTDO), beden imgelerini degerlendirmek icin Cok Yonlu BedenSelf Iliskileri Olcegi (CYBSIO) uygulanmistir.
Launched at the Airport in April, BASA (Birmingham Airport Skills Academy) offers employees based on-site, as well as local job-seekers, the chance to up-skill through a range of college courses and professional qualifications.
Looking ahead, BASA will focus its attention on consolidating our constructive working relationship with the government in order to assist in tackling the countries socioeconomic challenges.
Proconco has agreed to invest in research and development to produce quality feed for tra and basa fish and provide Vietnamese farmers with technical support to ensure that their products meet the North American standards.
Other sporting talents in the BASA categories include Amir Khan and Monty Panesar.
To make matters worse, a University of Mississippi study, released in July, found that consumers prefer the taste of cheap Vietnamese basa to domestic catfish by a ratio of 3 to 1.
The congressman said he would continue his efforts to halt the importation of the basa fish until a complete investigation can be done by appealing to the Department of Commerce and the U.
Although the species is related to the basa that Vietnam exports as "catfish," he added, it would actually be a good substitute for halibut, which is used largely as fillets.
The prime target of the bill is the Mekong basa, a fish that looks similar to domestic catfish and has been labeled "Vietnamese catfish.
El periodo que nos fijamos (el futuro de Ia computacion personal en un lapso de 20 anos) se basa en sus ideas y presenta un futuro tecnologico que los expertos de los laboratorios creen que puede hace rse realidad perfectamente.
In Bolivia I saw a young boy who had bitten all his fingers off while crazed from smoking basa, the residue from the cocaine vats.
Recommended: '99 Cotes du Rhone by d'Andezon for $18 and a '99 Basa white from Spain for $17.