Base Fee

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Base Fee

An interest in real property that has the potential to last forever, provided a specific contingency does not occur.

For example, a grantee might be given an estate in blackacre, "provided the land is not used for illegal purposes."

This type of fee is also known as a conditional, determinable, or qualified fee.

BASE FEE, English law. A tenure in fee at the will of the lord. This was distinguished from socage free tenure. See Co. Litt. 1, 18.

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10% off the base fee of a Multicycle or Donor Promise program for traditional IVF
Second, the sponsors agreed to remove the requirement that the base fee schedule be adjusted based on geographic and setting-based differentials.
Using a base fee allows the government to reward the contractor's "best efforts" without compromising the intent of the award fee portion.
The base fee under the plan called ''White Plan'' is considerably lower than the cut-rate price of 2,880 yen offered under the ''Gold Plan'' which the company introduced last October.
A more radical fee approach would scrap existing fee arrangements and substitute in their place a very low base fee (e.
Since 2009, GIVF has offered the Salute(TM) military discount, which provides a 25% discount on the base fee for any single cycle IVF (in vitro fertilization) or Donor Egg IVF contract, and 5% off the base fee for any Multicycle or The Delivery Promise(SM) IVF or Donor Egg IVF contract.
For instance, a firm that manages $100 million for CalPERS may earn a base fee of $100,000.
A $2,000,000 working capital reserve fund is also in place to cover lien administration expenses and pay the servicers their base fee.
During the first three year term of the new agreement, the base fee will be 2% of the first $200 million of an income amount (permitted classes of revenue and income of Pengrowth Corporation and Pengrowth Energy Trust) and 1% of income above $200 million.
A monthly base fee of $5 will cover broadcast services, and the cost will rise depending on added services.
60 per ton base fee that applies to all wastes disposed at Emelle.
HSI will manage the properties for three years with a base fee plus incentive structured management agreement.