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There's no question that the economic benefits of basic research are great.
These indicate that the equation has a little difficulty tracking the sharp increase in expenditure on basic research in 1981 (see also, Figure 2 which plots the actual and fitted values of [delta]PBR), but the test statistic is not significant at the 5 percent level.
The Economic Returns to Basic Research and the Benefits of University-Industry Relationships: A Literature Review and Update of Findings.
By coniparison, industries devoted only 5 percent of their R & D budgets to basic research, accounting for 17 percent of total basic research spending nationwide.
The federal government has agreed to license the use of sixty stem cell lines for basic research, but any medical use of them is likely to be available only for a price high enough to recoup the costs of its development.
If the industry giants respond by delivering on their threats to reduce already inadequate levels of basic research, the public's largess should go elsewhere.
9 billion, and its basic research budget increased by 14.
Why Is Basic Research Important to Understanding Fibromyalgia?
The goal of basic research is to develop foundation knowledge -- basic information about the body and how it works.
second mover" costs, that help explain why it is that competitive companies will wind up supporting some basic research.
Yet many corporate executives have decided that basic research for tomorrow is simply too speculative.
Basic research on the effects of a wide variety of organic solvents on parylene N, C and D was conducted by Nova Tran.

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