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Also they must highlight man-made ruination of Indus delta - the sixth largest in the world due to non-release of water downstream Kotri in Sindh despite it was categorically mentioned in Water Accord - 1991 to release such water as mandatory requirement but due to intransigence of Punjab, water is not being released so far to save Indus delta and meeting basic requirement of 2.
This product addresses the most basic requirement of QMC--maintaining the minimal amount of material on the machine and drawing more material from beside-the-press sources.
Bronze is for the basic level of waste management which they should be achieving, silver is for companies exceeding the basic requirement and gold recognises the efforts of businesses taking action above and beyond the other two levels.
We'venow got an an army of shot-stoppers - a basic requirement, you would think - but no-one, the great Dane apart, who commands his area,and commands respect.
A basic requirement was for employees to have the ability to answer voice mail through the 'corporate platform.
One had to sit a numeracy test - a basic requirement of becoming a teacher - 15 times.
The point is, there must be a basic requirement for voting in any democratic elections, and that requirement must be both residency and citizenship.
The ability to speak Irish will be a basic requirement for all planning permissions and that only Gaelgoiri will be able to build homes.
The basic requirement is three years of PFP-related experience for those who have an undergraduate degree (in any major) from an institution accredited by one of the six regional accreditation agencies and who have completed a PFP curriculum registered with the IBCFP.
The ability to converse in Irish will be a basic requirement for all planning permissions and that only Gaelic-speakers will be able to build homes.
Regardless of industry or transaction or the region, ISS believes that it is a basic requirement and corporate responsibility for a company to present an independent valuation to shareholders for such transactions in any business.
In addition to the basic requirement that transfer prices between related parties be at arm's length, Sec.

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