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He, however, added that exact extent of damage to the boundary wall and its three bastions would be known following his visit to the site expected within next few days to prepare detailed estimates as per orders of high ups for execution of the conservation scheme.
drones hit their bastions in Yemen's southeastern province of Shabwa early Wednesday.
Now, the slave-built massive concrete bastions have softened and decayed under the influence of time, weather and vegetation.
But the influx of women into other formerly male bastions, such as medical and law schools, has been equally spectacular without any government mandates.
The traditional bastions of antimicrobial use have been flexible PVC and polyurethanes.
Oddball actress Sandra Bernhard took the microphone a week after the Haden triplets and quipped passionately, ``This is one of the last bastions of free speech in L.
The archaeological and historical investigations will attempt to uncover new information regarding the construction and appearance of the fort's interior curtain walls and bastions, with a focus on how the walls were defended; the appearance, construction, and location of the powder magazine; and the appearance and function of the Officer's Quarters.
additional capacity as part of the furniture with the lighting of the total assembly and installation of the bastions of victoria visitor centre.
The route includes stiff climbs up to bastions and weaves around the crests of buildings along the harbour, past breezy gun platforms overlooking Adriatic-washed rocks on one side and tiny, overgrown gardens on the other.
The fort had twelve bastions built with mud mortar in three different size of burnt brick tiles.
Contract notice: Providing bastions of government and related services.