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Tax practice management tools were added, making it possible to generate 23 client profile reports and key practice statistics and to print balance due and estimated payment reminder letters in batch mode.
In the batch mode, entries can be made to each schedule or by entering line numbers and amounts.
Features of the AVP system include Aviza's proprietary Advanced Temperature Control (ATC) for optimum uniformity, enhanced throughput by leveraging a dual boat/single tube design and in-situ cleaning as well as dual-wafer size capability combined with continuous batch mode operation.
This is primarily due to the fact that today's IC implementation flows require serial execution of analysis and extraction tools in batch mode to locate timing, signal integrity, power, and manufacturability problems.
The material is currently formulated to be processed in a batch mode, but the processing schedule can be modified for machine mixing or injection molding.
Min Yan, GE materials scientist, will give a presentation on the new substrate system, which is currently being produced in batch mode and will ultimately be moved to a roll-to-roll process for cost efficiency.
In addition to operating in batch mode at rates up to 40X faster than conventional evaporators, the Vapourtec product also operates in a continuous flow mode, which offers advantages not possible with alternative designs," stated Dave Patteson, President of Biotage's Discovery Chemistry Group.
Enhanced eligibility verification - The enhanced eligibility verification features will allow operators to check eligibility electronically in two new ways, individual mode or batch mode for almost 300 payers.