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BATTURE. An elevation of the bed of a river under the surface of the water; but it is sometimes used to signify the same elevation when it has risen above the surface. 6 M. R. 19, 216. The term battures is applied, principally, to certain portions of the bed of the river Mississippi, which are left dry when the water is low, and are covered again, either in whole or in part by the annual swells. The word battures, in French, signifies shoals or shallows, where there is not water enough for a ship to float. They are otherwise called basses or brisans. Neuman's Marine Pocket Dict.; Dict. de Trevoux.

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Etude de la dynamique de la population des myes (Mya arenaria) de la batture de Rimouski.
Acreage (Non-Residential) * Flood / Batture * Land, Rural * Land, Transitional * Mountain * Native American Land * Open Space / Public Park * Timberland * Wetland, Swamp, Marsh * Wilderness Refuge
Le rivage entre Les Escoumins et Baie-des-Bacans, sur la Cote Nord du Saint-Laurent, est caracterise par une large batture (800 a 2000 m) argileuse et une falaise entaillant la terrasse de 30 m constituee de depots meubles quaternaires.
small batture area along the banks of the Ouachita River, a natural
In addition to the backwater area in the lower part of the floodplain, the batture lands between the Mississippi and the levee line were the most heavily forested portions of the floodplain.
L'ours blanc devorant un phoque (no 17) le fait sur la batture de glace ou, etant donne la saison, sur un floe, naviguant pas trop au large, car il est rejoint par l'Esquimau.
La grande amplitude de la maree, le fetch limite sur l'eau et les larges battures intertidales reduisent le risque de Timpact des vagues.
Shoreline SAV distribution was surveyed by raking (dragging a rake along the bottom sediment) and wading in the areas of Middle Bay, Bayou Cumbest, Crooked Bayou, Bangs Bayou, Bayou Heron, North Rigolets, western Grand Bay, Grande Battures, and Pt.