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Bay Staters are also concerned about their environment, like this message from Brewster: "Follow suit with California: we have NO NEED for plastic bags in this state.
DUDLEY -- The federal Affordable Care Act signed into law in 2010 was modeled on the state's 2006 health care reform law, so the idea of a health insurance mandate and insurance marketplace isn't new to Bay Staters.
For millions of Bay Staters, including the many Worcester-area residents who rely on commuter rail to get to and from work each day, it's important to know that the costs and management of that system are the best they can be.
He believes Bay Staters probably do not want to pay more, either, he said, when he heard that a gas tax of 51 cents per gallon could be part of the governor's solution.
By all accounts he is still brilliant, charming and armed with the same refreshing candor and quirky humor that frequently caught Bay Staters off guard when he reigned over Massachusetts from 1991 to 1997.
Ellen Story, an Amherst Democrat who has filed legislation to regulate and tax marijuana, said the state's November medical marijuana legalization creates an awkward relationship between the federal government and Bay Staters.
Barbare, the very funny and versatile on-air personality on the popular morning show, was responsible for all the parody songs, killer celebrity impressions, phony phone calls and fake movie trailers that had plenty of Bay Staters spitting up their cereal through their nose and laughing through their regular commute.