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By providing a comprehensive set of features and support for email classification including text-based patterns, Bayesian filtering, DNS Blocklists, checksum filters, sender authentication and automated rule channel updates, SpamAssassin takes a multi-step/tiered approach to classifying email to improve accuracy and decrease the chance of legitimate emails being incorrectly identified as spam.
Bayesian filtering is based on the principle that most events are dependent and that the probability of an event occurring in the future can be inferred from previous occurrences of that event.
Until now, Software602 Groupware Server has provided a multi-layered approach to message security, using blacklists and Bayesian filtering, which require active human intervention.
Our internal tests indicate that the SonicWALL Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service offers more than 99% protection against spam, stops over 80% of unwanted content at the gateway, prevents any potential latency on email servers, and filters any remaining junk email through advanced anti-spam techniques such as Adversarial Bayesian filtering.
GFI said GFI MailEssentials 12 also features e-mail header analysis and keyword checking, and sender and recipient-based whitelists, with Bayesian filtering technology, helping to reduce the number of false positives.
For example, SmarterMail has some of the most cutting edge antispam features built-in to the product: Bayesian filtering and SPF implementations block unwanted spam and deliver email faster than ever before.
To address the MP3 spam threat administrators need to deploy as many anti-spam techniques as possible, including Bayesian filtering, while at the same time maintaining a very low level of false positives.
The new release is designed to give companies a way of eliminating spam using Bayesian filtering, remote image detection and word pattern matching.

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