be careful

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See: beware, hedge, heed
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That is hemp seed he is sowing; be careful to pick up every one of the seeds, or else you will repent it.
We must be careful not to confuse the physical and the moral.
You had better be careful, Sir,' said the little judge, with a sinister look at the witness.
But you must be careful of yourself, dearest; you MUST look after yourself better; you MUST avoid all risks, lest you plunge your friends into desolation and despair.
And while the Soldier was gone for the clothesline his Majesty continued, "it is well for me to be careful, for my very existence is in danger.
It enjoins him to be careful, and cut his work into as thin slices as possible, inasmuch as by so doing the business of boiling out the oil is much accelerated, and its quantity considerably increased, besides perhaps improving it in quality.
He did not know that he particularly wanted to be careful.
But they ought to be evenly balanced," said the boy, "and I had no time to be careful.