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BEDEL, Eng. law. A cryer or messenger of a court, who cites men to appear and answer. There are also inferior officers of a parish or liberty who bear this name.

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The Cougars got a 3-pointer from Bedell in the second quarter and took a 31-10 lead into halftime.
Madam Bedell notes that national leaders and security personnel always have it in the back of their mind that other people are watching them.
The vineyard: More than 250 miles southeast, Bedell Cellars is located near the tip of Long Island's North Fork in Cutchogue.
Chester Bedell Trial Lawyers Luncheon--At the Annual Convention in June, the section will again jointly sponsor with the Criminal Law Section a luncheon featuring a lecture on the Independence of the American Lawyer.
Bedell is a 1-star analyst with an average return of -1.
Since joining the company in 1979, Bedell has worked in numerous positions, including general manager of its refineries in Garyville, La.
When finished, the complex will make 100 per cent ultra-low sulfur diesel and have more export capacity, Bedell said.
It didn't seem right that an individual could be punished for supplying a safe, all-natural substance which promotes healing simply because it was overlooked by mainstream medicine, so Congressman Bedell joined forces with like-minded senators and in 1994, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act was signed into law by President Clinton.
RUSHING--UMass, Bedell 23-81, Doyle 9-37, Woodley 5-6, Wilson 1-(minus 1).
An engineer and manager in telecommunications, Bedell spent a year preparing this edition, he says, because of the massive changes in cellular phones since the second edition in 2005.
Mumtaz Ahmad, Acting President IIUI chaired the session while Brian Bedell, Political Officer, U.
William Bedell, vice president of investment banking for AIG Capital Corp.