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BEGGAR. One who obtains his livelihood by asking alms. The laws of several of the states punish begging as an offence.

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If he is not a beggar himself, his near relation's one,' said Steerforth.
Telemachus took a whole loaf from the bread-basket, with as much meat as he could hold in his two hands, and said to Eumaeus, "Take this to the stranger, and tell him to go the round of the suitors, and beg from them; a beggar must not be shamefaced.
Let us go and see your beggar, sir, and if he is such as you describe him, you are right -- it will be you who have discovered the true treasure.
And she led him out of the room, unnoticed by the rest of the party, who were wholly absorbed in watching the old Beggar.
I approached the beggar in question, and handed him the coin.
Thou art a casteless Hindu - a bold and unblushing beggar, attached, belike, to the Holy One for the sake of gain.
To conclude, there is no decaying merchant, or inward beggar, hath so many tricks to uphold the credit of their wealth, as these empty persons have, to maintain the credit of their sufficiency.
A beggar in Naples who can show a foot which has all run into one horrible toe, with one shapeless nail on it, has a fortune--but such an exhibition as that would not provoke any notice in Constantinople.
Near the fire was a hogshead, and on the hogshead a beggar.
Take thou a friar's gown from our chest of strange garments, and don the same, and I will stop the first beggar I meet and change clothes with him.
Ralph, old fellow," he said, "don't think me too much of an interfering beggar, will you?
Art thou not the voluntary beggar who once cast away great riches,--