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Dr Ahmed Bhatti with his autistic son Ammar, six, who attends the Applied Behavioural Analysis centre at Westwood Primary School, Buckley Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES Mr Bhatti says his son could hardly walk before he attended the centre but has made impressive progress since then
A number of security staff at Heathrow are undergoing training in behavioural analysis techniques, where passengers are selected if they are behaving suspiciously," Daily Express quotes Paul Clark, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport, as saying.
Because of this, Mr Sweeney says businesses and providers should install behavioural analysis security technology if they make use of online banking services.
More than anything, however, these Web site hacks highlight the need for Web surfers--both business and consumer--to use IT security software that features behavioural analysis technology," he added.
Sweeney continued, "The different types of threats facing modern IT managers are now so varied that a safety net approach--using behavioural analysis software--is now required to secure an IT system from the various attack vectors used by today's hacker-criminals.
Gideon and the Behavioural Analysis Unit investigate a grisly triple murder after two bodies are found in a bath, with a third victim dismembered and dumped in rubbish bags.
It might be expected from Dr Loh's avowed aim that behavioural analysis or "the touchy feely stuff" would be a strong chapter.
Challenging behaviours and severe learning disabilities: Recent developments in behavioural analysis and intervention.

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