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This clarifies the precise form in which Pieris can be considered a multiple religious belonger.
The Office of the Chief Minister and the entire administration worked diligently to bring Belongers, developers and the hotel partners together on North Caicos.
Belonger sensed that, but she also wanted to see him set some goals and work toward them.
Jean Thiel, West Bend, WI President Belonger Corporation Daisy Gallagher
In recognition of his contributions to the Territory Rockefeller was granted Belonger status by the government in Sept.
Carol Vanterpool, Marketing Director for the BVI Intimate Hideaways Properties, a collection of BVIslander and belonger owned cottages, inns, hotels and villas, said, "Our organization has been very supportive of Mr.
Watercolors by George Shultz and Anita Belonger, reception 5 p.
Rockefeller the highest honour the BVI Government can bestow on anyone -- that of belonger status.
He admits however that multiple belongers can contribute to this transformation.
A vision that would turn them from outsiders, self-excluding and deluded despisers of others, into belongers.
A long standing government policy requires Turks & Caicos Islanders and belongers to be given priority for all employment.