Benefit of inventory

BENEFIT OF INVENTORY, civil law. The benefit of inventory is the privilege which the heir obtains of being liable for the charges and debts of the succession, only to the value of the effects of the succession, in causing an inventory of these effects within the time and manner proscribed by law. Civil Code of Louis. art. 1025. Vide Poth. Traits des Successions, c. 3, s. 3, a. 2.

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2 - Income tax benefit of inventory adjustment - - (4.
The direct benefit of inventory reduction is freeing the amount of cash tied up in materials between the initial inventory level and its reduced level.
One often overlooked benefit of inventory contributions is the waiver of the appraisal requirement that otherwise applies to gifts of property with a value exceeding $5,000.
Sluggish top-line growth will dampen earnings momentum for the industry as the benefit of inventory and expense reductions achieved in 2002 will be difficult to repeat.
44 per share of which resulted from the benefit of inventory management prior to a significant cigarette price increase in November 1998).

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