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Boyes W, Bercegeay M, Krantz T, Evans M, Benignus V, Simmons J.
The first, "By Burro and by Beagle: Geographical Journeys through Time in Latin American Science Fiction," tackles two novels from 1875: Holmberg's Two Factions Struggle for Life and Brazilian Augusto Emflio Zaluar's Doctor Benignus.
Finding Your Hidden Treasure: The Way of Silent Prayer by Benignus O'Rourke, O.
The charismatic Pierre Benignus of the Paris Evangelical Missionary Society, the most powerful representative of this vision, became the chair of this new program, and Dr.
3, Damasippus describes Horace as vini somnique benignus ('lavish with wine and sleep'; trans.
O benignissime fili, desine nunc quaeso durus esse matri, qui cunctis benignus semper esse consueuisti, & suscipe me matrem tecum in cruce ut qui uno corde viuunt, & uno amore se diligunt, etiam una morte pereant.
Of the other two, Br Benignus became increasingly identified with Armidale College, which he established as a leading country boarding school.
Millett, Benignus and Anthony Lynch (editors), Collectanea Hibernica: Sources for Irish History.
Geoffrey's Life has (as should already be clear) no value as a source for the early Middle Ages, but as an example of an twelfth-century attempt to invent and embellish the past it is highly rewarding, and shows very close parallels to the work of Geoffrey's exact contemporary William of Malmesbury in his work on the Irish saints Patrick, Benignus, and Indract for Glastonbury Abbey.
Tum gravis Henrici regis praesentia terras Hibernae egregii gelidas et sola benignus Regna Britannorum populis sub lege tenebat.
Benignus et omnipotens Deus, sanctae Ecclesiae caput et rector, ex quorumdam fidelium suorum abundantiis pauperum inopiam misericorditer supplet, ut in aeterna retributione, pauperum copia divitum penuriam mercede repleat.