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The Hatan Bereshit, refers to the one chosen for the honor of commencing the reading of the Torah on Simchat Torah, while the Hatan Torah was the member chosen for the honor of the last reading of the Torah on Simchat Torah.
The first chapter of Genesis, Bereshit, has been a source of meditation and inspiration since my youth.
At the beginning of this commentary, I emphasized the point that the Bible is rich in background, that the events in the first reading, Parashat Bereshit, remain as an essential substratum in all that follows in the Bible's story.
Heller, Tuv Ta'am al Rabbenu Bahya: Bereshit (Benei Berak, 1992) p.
As much as this process of creation is constituted by a rhythm, it also generates a rhythm which carries us through the whole Torah and has, as it were, always already begun, since the bereshit bara, untranslatable as it is in its grammar which occurs nowhere else in the Bible, implies a movement which began somewhat before the point of departure of Genesis 1 [2]
These views turn out to be the science of the Torah in its true sense which, in turn, is ma'aseh bereshit and ma'aseh merkavah, physics and metaphysics.
On this matter it is also stated: 'Any man who has no wife is not a complete person, as it says: 'He blessed them and called them Man' (Genesis 5:2) (Midrash Bereshit Rabbak, edited by Julius Theodor and Hanokh Albeck [Jerusalem, [1965.
The Siddur, the Jewish Daily Prayerbook, speaks of the ma'ase bereshit, "the work of the beginning": this is a mysterious conception of the penetration of God's intentions for man in even quotidian tasks.
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