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By the seventh grade, around the time I started to contemplate and attempt to understand my effeminacy and its potential link to queerness, my best girlfriend grew breasts.
When it comes to "girlfriend getaways," there's even a book on the subject - "50 Best Girlfriend Getaways in North America.
Getting the help of her longtime business, partner Allen Wade, and best girlfriend, Leila, won't be easy as they deal with a host of problems of their own.
I am the advice columnist, "Alycia, Everybody's Best Girlfriend," at my school newspaper, the Riverview Tattler.
Amid a sea of soap stars and glitterati we danced till the wee small hours then headed off, team handed, to Scott's apartment at The Metropolitan Hotel with our best girlfriend, Channel Four news caster Zora Suleman clasped tightly to our arm.
She chats away, offering a pep talk and sounding like a best girlfriend, as if the reader is trying to stuff her legs into a pair of jeans a size too small, or is guiltily sneaking a cigarette.
Their mother was really the child of their grandmother's best girlfriend and her Jewish lover, who was lost in Europe at the beginning of the war before he could marry her.
Reggie said: "Britney was the best girlfriend a boy could have ever have.
Your significant other is not your best girlfriend, the book noted.
It is her faith that has helped her through some tough losses - her dad and best girlfriend.
Among the tales: a virgin who moves to the big city to become a dancer, only to discover his new boyfriend is HIV-positive; a young woman born with HIV who's stigmatized by her high school peers; another woman in love with her best girlfriend, who's straight and contracts HIV from a guy.