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BETTERMENTS. Improvement's made to an estate. It signifies such improvements as have been made to the estate which render it better than mere repairs. See 2 Fairf. 482; 9 Shepl. 110; 10 Shepl. 192; 13 Ohio, R. 308; 10 Yerg. Verm. 533; 17 Verm. 109.

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The betterments approved by selectmen are $2,372 for 65 lakefront properties and $1,186 for 14 who have access by right.
When the town valued the lots for the assessment of the land use change taxes, the valuations reflected the enhanced value to the lots from the betterments that served them.
According to the American Association of Managing General Agents; "Your use interest as tenant improvements and betterments (emphasis mine) is what becomes important when you consider valuation.
Further, these expenditures did not result in betterments made to increase a property's value.
They believe the treatment of asbestos is a repair, not a betterment, because the costs incurred merely restore the building to a safe condition.
3 million municipal water system, the betterment bills are coming due for nearly 200 property owners who are asking why they must pay for a problem created by ExxonMobil Corp.
The Third Circuit affirmed the Tax Court's decision, which required the taxpayer to capitalize certain acquisition expenditures even though they did not result in the creation or betterment of an asset.
The following story was published in The Banner on 03/03/2011: Final sewer betterments in West Boylston will reflect a credit/reduction of $55.
WORCESTER - With the cost of infrastructure improvements becoming prohibitive for many residents, the City Council is looking to provide some relief by making the repayment schedule for those betterments more palatable.
We won't get our fee cost back for the estimated betterments, but we will get it right this time," said Mr.
We cannot assess betterments based upon a more intensive use of property under a 40B comprehensive permit until actual building permits are issued by the building inspector, since a 40B approval does not change the zoning but rather allows a developer to ignore the zoning," said Mr.
All payments made on the estimated betterments will be credited to the property owner's account and will reduce their final bill," said Chief Administrative Assistant Laura B.