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About the Beverage Information & Insights Group Serving all segments of the beverage alcohol industry through Cheers, Beverage Dynamics and StateWays magazines, Handbooks, Beverage Research and www.
Celebrating sales growth and innovation in the beverage alcohol industry is an important and rewarding part of this job, even if it doesn't involve a red carpet, celebrities and gold statues.
Usha Iyer, senior vice president of product management for Vistr, added : "We are pleased to expand our leadership position in beverage alcohol pricing into the area of promotion management.
Some detractors believe that the presence of beverage alcohol will corrupt the innocence of the park's theme, and they think Disney World is selling out.
But then the celebrants spread out and joined thousands of others throughout the city doing what twenty-and thirty-somethings do best - partying, which is to say spending money on beverage alcohol, either on-premise or off-premise.
distillers do not recommend that consumers drink beverage alcohol for health reasons.
Guidelines for Beverage Alcohol Marketing on College/University Campuses," which was developed with the Inter-Association Task Force on Alcohol Issues and have been made company policy by Miller; and
For further information on Technomic's beverage alcohol forecast and programs for suppliers in the on-premise beverage alcohol channel, please contact David Henkes at 312-506-3927 or dhenkes@technomic.
Additionally, he is a frequent contributor to several beverage alcohol blogs.
But where people are spending on beverage alcohol has shifted considerably.
and Total Wine & More chains each opened large beverage alcohol superstores in Washington State, less than a month after Washington changed its beverage alcohol laws to allow stores of more than 10,000 square feet to sell distilled spirits products.
The Griffin Group, an investment and consulting company focused on beverage alcohol brands, has acquired Anchor Brewing Company, along with its portfolio of craft beers and artisan spirits, including the renowned Anchor Steam Beer.