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Any biblical exegete or translator should take into consideration the fact that the conversations have their own socio-cultural context and that modern methods from "sociology, critical geography, socio-linguistics, and social psychology," properly controlled, are useful and should be applied to better understand ancient biblical texts.
While the drift of Kidd's analysis emphasizes the latter statement, the former also held true at times in the writings of disparate biblical exegetes.
For centuries, the building and destruction of Solomon's temple in Jerusalem offered biblical exegetes ample material (sit venia verbo) for commentary on the physical reality and symbolic implications of ecclesiastical structures, and the authors draw upon a rich tradition as background to Manetti's thought.
Christ and Apollo prominently evokes such biblical exegetes as Augustine, John Cassian, Aquinas, and Hugh of St.
It utilizes the work of biblical exegetes to show how the economists in question deduce a particular normative principle intended to inform the organization of business firms.
Several contributors lament the term "pre-critical" as applied to this period, as well as the tendency of biblical exegetes to behave as if nothing significant was said between the Bible itself and the appearance of our current array of critical methods.

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