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But everybody knows about bicycle sheds, or thinks they know about bicycle sheds, and many members, for example, have strong views on the ideal composition of the roof: "Dis- cussion goes on, therefore, for 45 min- utes, with the possible result of saving some $50.
One advised us to build a completely modern house and turn the old black house into a bicycle shed,"said Christine.
C-S invites the jury to go behind tab 3 in the blue file although, to be honest, it was more exciting behind the bicycle shed.
And it's spiced up with a bit of naughtiness, like smoking behind the school bicycle shed.
Surely, it is not beyond the head teacher and governors to have a bicycle shed built.
The only place where you might have got a "bit of a cuddle" in the Maiden City in the late 60s was on Derry's famous walls or behind the school bicycle shed.
Well let me tell you, Tiw equated with Mars, the Roman god of battle and had you or anyone else tried to steal his 'Mars-bar' while behind the bicycle shed or elsewhere, it would have been Tiw who would have 'seen red'.
Contract notice: High level of service transport project - dk~plus mobility - rehabilitation of the awning of the station square in dunkirk and realization of a secure bicycle shed.
CHILDREN at a primary school in Sunderland are being encouraged to pedal to classes after a new bicycle shed was installed.