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What an amazing event and a tribute to Big Figure Promotions as well as the great man John Peel and long may the legacy continue.
This is quite a big figure for us and there were debates over whether we should make it public, but unless we set a goal and work to figure out how we can achieve it, our business operations won't be specific," he said.
This is quite a big figure and is a very strong indicator of future prospects for investments in seaports and trade as more than 90 per cent of goods is shipped by sea," he said.
Despite the cut-price bonus, a Cardiff source said: "It is not a big figure but it's not about the money.
Wigan boss Roberto Martinez said: "Ali is a big figure in Oman and we are extremely proud to go there and get away from the cold weather and use it to prepare for the Aston Villa game.
Confirmed bands are: Hendrix (Longbenton Community (Marden High School); Big Figure (Longbenton Community College); Cal Fraser (Whitley Bay High School); Correction House (Whitley Bay High School); The Liam Moore Band (Marden High School); Lost in Kansas City (Burnside Business Enterprise College); Melvin Murphy and the Notes (Whitley Bay High School); Pure (St Thomas More); Street Party in Soho (Norham Community College); Swiss Alpine Club (Marden High School).
Of Gerrard's, she commented: "This is quite a big figure with a disproportionately long neck, it's almost as if he wants to peer over a wall, he wants to see what's going on all the time and he's verymuch an observer and a larger-than-life character.
As such, it is interesting but meaningless to sweep all the money spent on every aspect of online marketing into one big figure and celebrate it.
He said: 'It is such a big figure because Mr Blair is only 52 and can expect to live for many years.
The sum has risen to such a big figure because the club signed a number of big names in the summer of 2012 - such as Jordan Rhodes, Danny Murphy and Nuno Gomes - following their relegation from the Premier League.
Their return to Teesside is hosted by local promoters Big Figure Promotions.
He has left Cardiff to play regularly and hopefully he can come to Moseley and be a big figure for us.